2019 recipients: Gabe Carpendale, Mike Wigley, Scott Beauchamp, Tristan Kodors, Fannie Dufour, Tara Morris

Gabe Carpendale

Gabe is a born and raised Nelson local that has been skiing in the Kootenays since he was four years old. After high school, Gabe spent two seasons as a volunteer ski patroller at Whitewater Ski Resort where he found his passion for working on skis. This led him to do the Adventure Guide diploma program at Thompson Rivers University where he spent two years getting training and certifications in all aspects of guiding and adventure tourism. After graduating, Gabe moved back to the Kootenays, where he now tail guides for Selkirk Snowcat Skiing. Gabe just recently passed the CSGA Level 1 exam and is looking to do the CSGA level 2 in a couple of years.

Michael Wigley

I’m Michael Wigley, an avid splitboarder and mechanized guide for Baldface Lodge and Keefer Lake Lodge. I resided in Rossland BC for 13 years before relocating to Revelstoke and now Golden. I’m currently enrolled in the ACMG program to pursue a career in ski guiding. My dream is to be a splitboard guide and take people to their dream locations or down their dream run. I love being in the mountains more than anything, from pushing up the mountain to your goal, to soaking the quietness that nature gives. Being present in the mountains, being aware of your surroundings, and enjoying the moment.

Tristan Kodors

Receiving this sponsorship has given me encouragement, support, and a sense of connection within a community of dreamers who are constantly perusing and aspiring. Recently, I have been continuing my development through the CSGA and CAA, while staying current in the field within my objectives. Working locally, adapting, and making connections with others has brought me closer to my ideals. Keeping the dream alive one skin track at a time.

Fannie Dufour

Hey team! Thanks for reaching out, it’s great to hear from you. It’s indeed weird and uncertain times and I’m looking forward for some sort of gathering or event to get to meet you all and thank you in person for the financial help you gave me.

After 8 years of training and working in the mountains, following courses to educate myself as much as possible about avalanches and mountain safety, this winter is a very special one for me. I finally reached this ultimate goal of mine which was to enter the ski guide program with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guide. Known to be a hard course to get into, as they only accept candidate that have an impressive resume, getting in this year was a great accomplishment to me. This is my chance to be doing my dream job, and I’m not letting go of it. This course comes at a (pretty substantial) cost and getting financial help from the Nyle’s Bluebird Foundation was much needed and appreciated to get me closer to my goal. Especially giving the current circumstances, it’s been hard to make money as a touristic guide this last summer… I have been spending this fall and early winter training and going out in the mountains in order to crush it on the exam, which will happen in the spring. Finger’s crossed. Here is a photo taken during the “guiding mechanized skiing” portion of the course last week, after my group and I got dropped somewhere in the Monashee mountains by a helicopter. Thanks again guys!