In a recent phone call with the Volcom people, we learned that along with adding Nyle’s picture to the snowboarding collage on each Olympic team member’s uniform, Volcom will make a donation to the foundation AND they will donate a portion of sales for each pair of Volcom Nyle gloves and mitts. Sold out in most places for now, we hear they will be an item coming out for the 2021-2022 season. Volcom’s generosity and support fills our hearts until the love is spilling out of the corner of our eyes. Volcom is keeping the spirit of Nyle alive!  

Inspired by Volcom’s gifts, Mandala Homes, the company belonging to Nyle’s dad, Lars and his wife Rachel, stepped up and offered to match the donation. The Chose Family, Nyle’s Uncles and Aunt, also joined the party with a donation. The funds will continue to go to sponsoring young people who share Nyle’s love of the backcountry and want to build their skills to work and play there.