When Nyle died, many felt and continue to feel the loss deeply. Each of us have to find our own ways to navigate our grief while we celebrate the profound ways he continues to live on.

Our friend Hayden, in particular, stitched many days together with Nyle in the mountains, the forest, on the lake or by a river, in the shop, the truck and around the table. Nyle and Hayden were a solid team. In March 2021, 4 years after Nyle died, Hayden created a beautiful way to honour his friend.

Hayden set a goal to spread Nyle’s ashes across a snow covered basin while riding. In his inspired way, he added a pinch of Nyle’s ashes into the color pigments within each smoke bomb, and designed a way to strap the bombs to the board. He organized a posse of friends, family and a film crew and everyone headed deep into the Valhalla range. Riders strapped on the smoke bombs, lit them up and headed down the slope with the colourful smoke trailing behind.

A profound loss compels us to make our own meaning in unique and personal ways and to dive deep to keep living some days. Hayden said this about spreading Nyle’s ashes:

Eventually the snow melts into surface runoff that goes into the local streams and rivers. Washing down with it necessary nitrogen, calcium and other nutrients to provide proper nourishment for lower elevation biodiversity. Ultimately evaporation will occur, forming condensation to be stored within the atmosphere, only to return into precipitation to start the process over again. Nyle isn’t just with us in spirit , he’s with us in the rivers we enjoy, the fish we catch, the lines we shred, the hikes we walk and even the views we hold dear. He is literally all around us.”

With thanks to the film crew, Baldface-Valhalla lodge and the hydrological cycle. TributeBaldface LodgeBaldface ValhallaVolcom